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Frequently Asked Questions about MOT Testing For Cars


Having an MOT or Ministry of Transport certificate is a mandatory requirement by law for all cars in the United Kingdom, after 3 years have passed. Typically, you can add a MOT test at any approved Cambridge garage or station when you book a car service with them, and the price of getting the test done for cars usually starts from £54. However, since there are thousands of approved garages and stations through the United Kingdom that can do car repairing, car servicing and MOT testing, so it is not too difficult to get a certain percentage of discount off main dealer prices.

Back in the 60s, this test used to be nothing more than a basic test, in which the brakes, lights and steering would be checked. However, over the years, more and more items have been added to the list that are tested, and is now managed by DVSA. The test is all about assesing the safety of cars that are being driven on the roads in the United Kingdom. An MOT test can be booked over the telephone or it can be booked on the Internet.

What Is The Best Garage For Ministry Of Transport Testing?
It will be quite convenient and easy for you if you consider a local Cambridge garage that is authorized and make it possible for you to book an MOT test over the Internet. It will be even better if excellent customer flexibility is offered to you, such as the free collection and delivery of your car once they have performed the MOT test. Simple MOT Cambridge offer this type of service as it can be very beneficial to their customers. It will also be possible for you to save money if a full or interim service can also be booked, while you will be able to save time if the Ministry Of Transport test comes with collection.

Why Is The Ministry Of Transport Test Necessary?
Law in the United Kingdom requires you to get the safety of your car checked once every year if the car you are driving is over 3 years old. Only professional mechanics can carry out an MOT test. During a Ministry of Transport test, a couple of checks and tests are performed. This way it is ensured whether or not a car meets the minimum environmental and road safety standards. Your road tax will not be validated if you do not have a valid Ministry of Transport certificate, which will mean that the insurance of your car will become invalid.

When Should A MOT Certificate Be Renewed?
If you are driving a car that is over 3 years old from the date on which it was manufactured, then you should renew your MOT certificate at a local Cambridge garage every year. If the date of expiry of your current Ministry of Transportation certificate is near, then you should get the test done and have the certificate renewed at least a month before that.

Where Can You Get A MOT Test Done?
As mentioned, you can get a MOT test done at any garage in Cambridge that is authorized as a Ministry of Transport test station. Usually, the official Ministry of Transport logo, i.e. the three blue triangles logo, as set up by the DSA is displayed by a majority of MOT garages, which indicates that they are authorized as Ministry of Transport test stations.

Signs your old car needs a new engine


It is very a common think for car owners to hold onto their cars for a very long time and inevitably run them into the ground. There is several reasons for this but the most common being because people can’t always afford a new car and feel it is cheaper to keep their current car running, on the other hand you get people that keep their cars because of the love of the vehicle and refuse to let go. Whatever your reasons for keeping your car for a long time you must maintain your car as much as possible with procedures such as car servicing. As your car gets older there is going to be more wear and tear to the vehicle and you will begin to get problems more frequent. You may find that so many major problems are wrong with your car that it needs an engine overhaul, below we discuss some of the warning signs that indicate an engine overhaul is needed.

Increased Oil Consumption

One of the biggest factors is of spotting a major engine issue is if your car is consuming excessive oil, if you have noticed an increase in the amount of oil your car consumes then it is likely that the oil is working its way into the combustion chamber with the fuel and being burnt too. A good way of spotting if your car is doing this other than taking it for a car service is to check the smoke from the cars exhaust on acceleration, the smoke will appear in more of a blue and white colour rather than the usual grey. To fix the issue you will need to visit your local car servicing garage in Norwich and get them to replace parts such as piston rings as well as valve seals and guides.

Water & Oil Mixing

Your car may have other oil problems where the water leaks into the oil pan, if this is the case with your car you should see a frothy liquid and the colour will be more of a beige colour than the typical darker oil colour. The reason for this happening could be due to a number of factors: a cracked cylinder head will cause your car to leak water into the combustion chamber, or you may have a blown head gasket that can cause a water jacket to cross into the oil jacket. If your car is mixing water in with oil it can be a very serious issue as it can cause moving parts on your car to rust and it makes the oil diluted which removes the strength and lubricating qualities that keeps your car lubricated.

If you have had your car a long time or it is old with high mileage you need to take extra care to prolong the life of the vehicle. Worn car parts can last up to 3 years longer if you get your car regularly serviced and keep your oil topped up frequently. If you fail to maintain your car properly you will begin to get numerous problems that can lead to engine failure and the car ending up being scrapped.

Expenses of owning a car


A car has become one of the biggest conveniences in today’s busy world making it seem like it is a necessity of modern life. The amount of cars on the road grows each year meaning more and more people are wanting to own their own car. The luxury of this convenience does however come at a cost and this is something potential car buyers need to consider. Below we cover some of the biggest expenses of owning and running a car to educate you in the financial aspects of running a car. If you are looking for something reliable check out this car guide here to help you.

Purchasing the car.

If you are looking to buy your own car then your first expense is purchasing one. Car prices can vary and whether you are purchasing the car yourself or receiving it as a gift someone has to pick up the bill. There are two main ways in which you can purchase a car; firstly is to pay the full amount upfront, secondly is to pay a monthly amount for the car. These ways of purchase and how much you pay differs depending on what garage your buy your car from or whether you buy private.

Car maintenance.

Maintaining your car is something that could become very expensive, how much needs to be spent depends on the quality of your car and its age. If you chose to neglect your car things will end up going wrong and costing a fortune. To maintain your car the best way it is advised to purchase car servicing at least once a year. Car servicing can help to keep your car running at its best so you avoid any problems. You are also required by law to get your car MOT tested every year for safety aspects. An MOT test will performed to assess the safety and road-worthiness of your car, a test has to be paid for and if your car fails you will have to pay for repair work so your car can pass the test.

Car Insurance.

It is a legal requirement for your car to be insurance while driving on the road. The cost of car insurance depends on your type of car and also you as a driver. The longer you have been driving and the lower engine sized car you have will lower your insurance costs. Car insurance can be paid in full up front which is usually cheaper long term or you can pay monthly installments.

A Dummies Guide To Minor Car Problems


To a lot of people cars can seem very complicated and this is why they leave repair work to a professional car repair or MOT centre. Many common problems that go wrong with cars can actually be fixed by the car owner very easily. Avoiding taking your car to a repair shop at any point has got to be good news as it will save you money and the hassle of taking the car to the garage. Some of you may be hesitant because you think you may cause more damage trying to fix it yourself but it is actually very difficult to cause any further damage with these simple fixes.

We are not telling you don’t go to a car garage as this is the best option but by following are steps below and doing it yourself you will save yourself time and money. Some of the tasks are checks that car help your car run better, they will also help your car pass an MOT when you come to take your car for an MOT in Norwich. For safety purposes it is always best to wear gloves and goggles to protect yourself when you carry out any work on your car.

Changing the battery.

Signs that your car needs a battery change include problems starting your car and if any of the car accessories are not working properly because of lack of power. Before attempting to replace your car battery make sure the car is not on and the keys are out of the ignition so there is no chance of the car or electrics turning on. Once you have done this you can then proceed to unscrew the battery from the car and then remove. To fit the new car battery you just need to reverse the process.

Changing the air filter.

It is important for your car to have a good working air filter because if it isn’t it car effect the performance of your car’s engine and lower the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Many people do not think to check the air filter but it is very easy to replace, all you have to do is unscrew to top and replace the old filter with a new one.

Oil change.

Keeping your oil topped up on your car is very easy to do and something that people should be doing regularly regardless of any issues with the vehicle. An oil change is something that is done during a car service so if you get your car serviced often or when you take the car for an MOT then you shouldn’t have to worry as much. An oil change is a little trickier than the previous two tasks as you will need specific equipment to do the job.

To change the oil on your car you first need to place a container underneath the engine to catch the old oil, once the container is in place you can remove the cap and drain the oil completely. If necessary replace the oil filter and do any other cleaning if the area needs it. Once fully drained and the area is clean you can refill the car with the required amount of oil as recommended in your car’s manual. Castro offer a great guide here on how to top up and change your oil.